Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What's up with the weather!

Does this picture make you scared of me? Well, it should! I am going to show this picture to my kids when I need them to get something done real fast. All I can say is......Don't Mess. Now on with the weather rant, seriously, I have been so excited for Spring and where the H E Double hockey sticks is it? I have been waiting patiently and I am ready to pack up and call it quits.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Last Ski Day of the Season

Ezra and Zoe sluffed school to get the last bit of skiing in. 60 degrees and skiing, not too bad they say!

This actually makes Zoe laugh when she sees her jumps compared to Ezra's, even better when she tries to grind the rail.

Zoe is an excellent skier actually. She doesn't really enjoy all the tricks Ezra makes her try, but she is a good sport. Ezra on the other hand is all about the tricks.

At the end of the day everyone was happy and that's all that counts, right! Say goodbye to a great ski season and hello summer.

Friday, April 11, 2008

In Response to Streets of Terror.

My friends, Sam and Brodi talk about I-80 being the "bobsled horror show." Read their blog, it is very funny. You can link on to it from Renan's website. Here is a small portion of it....

"I just close my eyes while I drive that 5 mile stretch, crying and screaming and praying to just make it through. Rocks pelting the windows, dodging 57 ton Semi trucks, 16 year old boys texting as they drive, and others just swerving all over the road. When you are trying to keep up with the flow of traffic and hitting speeds of 55 miles an hour and you have about 2 inches of clearance on both sides of your lane, it gets your heart pounding."

In response to their blog........ You haven't experienced true horror until you have driven I-80 with Renan at the wheel. 55 is nothing!!!!!! nothing I tell you, when the norm for Renan is 80. I have no idea why our family is still alive. I am constantly trying to put on the imaginary brake on the passengers side, while Renan is rolling his eyes at me. When we finally arrive at our destination, I have to mentally tell all the muscles in my body to relax, then I reach over in my purse and pull out the meds that I wished I had taken before that awful experience. You may think I am exaggerating , but truly I am not. This is not for the wimps of the world, you have to be hard core to drive with Renan.