Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The highs and not so low lows of 2009

In no particular order, here is my year.

I drove the Jeep on a Moab trail for the first time. The kids said I drove too fast, I figured if I drove fast I wouldn't get stuck.

Renan got arrested at the end of a U2 concert. Apparently he thought it was funny.
I went to the Temple Bar in Ireland and didn't get drunk.
Zoe and Ezra came in first place in a 5k. Renan did great also, but I have no clue of his time. Sorry Ren!
I was lucky enough to go to Laguna Beach twice in one year.

Zoe learned to jump serve.

Ezra broke his wrist on the last day of school, not a great way to start out summer vacation.
Made a perrenial peace garden in remembrance of my dad who died last year. The garden brought me no peace at all. Hank apparently found that it was a great place to destroy as he was running the perimeter of our property several times a day.
Ezra attempted to be me for a day. Didn't last an hour. Tough life I have.
Met Ree Drummond aka Pioneer Women. I have been reading her blog for years and I went with some friends to a book signing. She told me I have beautiful hair. I told her it was natural, but I don't think she believed me.
That my friends is my year give or take a few hundred things. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year. I love you all. By the way I turned my comments section on again, apparently some of my friends were not happy that I turned it off. I don't want anyone to feel obligated to comment! Feel free to read my blog, comment if you would like or not, either way have a great day!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Presents are wrapped and ready!!!!!!! Life is good. All that is left is a little cleaning and a whole lot of cooking. I hope this Holiday brings joy to all. Merry Christmas to all my family and friends.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I am in need of some warm weather here.

A couple of months ago my mom took me and my sisters on a trip to Laguna Beach. We had a fabulous time and I have decided that I would love to go again very soon. Lets say.........tomorrow. The arctic weather here is getting very old and it is only December. So I guess looking at my pictures from the trip will have to get me through.

My sister Rachel was the trip photographer and she took a ton of pictures. At the time I wanted to kill her because every time I would turn around there she was with her camera. It was not enough just to stand there and look pretty, she needed excitement. For me not wanting to look like a fool in public............well that was just not going to happen. I gave in eventually! After all was said and done, I was glad she took all those insane pictures.

The highlight of the day was when the chocolates were out, which was about every 15 minutes.

Apparently we weren't paying attention for this picture! All I know is that camera didn't add the pounds, it was all the chocolates I ate. Yikes!!!!!

Wish we were there girls. Thanks mooooooma!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Attempting Christmas photos with Hank

Yesterday we attempted to take some Christmas pictures with Hank. Well lets just say Hank had other things in mind.......

Hank: Come on guys lets just play.

Hank: No frisbee? Okay we can just run then!
Hank: Okay this is ridiculous

Hank: Okay maybe one quick one, then frisbee!