Friday, October 30, 2009

Living life with long hair.

Ezra decided to be ME for the Halloween parade at school. I thought it was pretty funny at first until he picked out an outfit at Thriftown that hopefully does not look like me. This actually was a pretty funny costume and he got a lot of comments during the parade. The problem Ezra encountered during the day was the HAIR. This is a picture at roughly 8:35am........

This is Ezra at 9:15am the same morning, not two days later, but the same exact morning!

He looks like he got ran over by a car on the way to school. The first thing he said to me was "How do you deal with all this hair!" Well first of all my hair is not quite that long, but same basic principles apply. When your hair is in your face move it!!!!! He went from somewhat looking like me to looking like "Cousin It". He later told me that there was no way he was going to go trick-or-treating in that costume, he was going to have to stick with his original plan and be "The Edge" from U2. Apparently it's not easy being me.

More pictures to come of "The Edge" and his rocker friend, Zoe.........

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Post for October

I am doing great with the new energy I have about writing on my blog. I figure I better get one in for the month. I am sitting right now by a window that looks out on my backyard. I can't believe the leaves that are falling and there is definitely a "Fall" feel to the day. I love this time of the year and I also feel a little sadness to see the light fading a bit everyday. It is interesting to think about how attractive light is and how hard it is for some when there is not a lot of it around. I know I am one that loves the longer days. I know your thinking....... is there a reason for this post????..........well actually there isn't and lucky for you I have turned off the comments section so you will not have to feel obligated to leave a comment for such a lame post.

For all you that hate to see the light fade here is a bit of info that will cheer you up. It will get progressively dark until December 21st. After that date we will gain a minute of light everyday!!!!! Doesn't seem like much, but it gets me through the winter.