Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anybody missing summer?

There is something so simple about summer. I miss the freedom that summer brings.

No homework
Long days
Being outside with friends
Front porch(which reminds me I need to take down the Christmas deco outside!)
Summer concerts in the park
Family, friends, family, friends, family, and friends.


6deans said...

That is so great you got pictures of the girls on their funny contraption. Yes we do miss summer. I just think if it is going to be so dang cold I just wish it would SNOW already.

nielsons*love*family said...

k...not sure if those pictures make me HAPPY to think of summer coming.

OR depressed at how gloomy it is NOW!

samandbrodi said...

Yep, can't wait to be outside in the sun, shirtless and loving every minute of it!